Still don’t know what to serve with fried chicken? Undoubtedly, fried chicken is one of the most versatile, easy and exquisite dishes not only in Canadian gastronomic culture, but also in many places around the world.

This allows us to affirm that there is not a single region in the world that does not have its own version of this delicious food, so popular in North American countries.

By itself, fried chicken is delicious, but by incorporating a few garnishes, we can completely elevate the natural flavors of chicken and turn it into a meal that everyone will love and enjoy.

We’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another, “Where do I find the best fried chicken near me?”.

You are probably formulating an answer right now. However, we want to tell you that, although there are many options in the Montreal area, none offer you a taste as exquisite as Olivia’s Chicken.

What better way to enjoy the best fried chicken in town than with the right side dishes! So, in this article we’ll tell you about five of the best side dishes for chicken. Are you ready?

Let ‘s get started!

1. The freshness and creaminess of coleslaw

Coleslaw is one of the best side dishes for fried chicken. All fried chicken restaurants also offer this side dish, which is delicious, refreshing and creamy to the palate.

Although there are a couple of versions of this salad, the most traditional one consists of only three main ingredients: cabbage, carrot and apple. By themselves, these ingredients allow it to perfectly accompany a crispy and juicy fried chicken, but what gives it the final touch are the toppings.

The coleslaw dressing has a light creaminess, thanks to the infallible ingredients such as mayonnaise and sour cream. But to make it an ‘absolute yes’, it is the spices that give it an unparalleled flavor.

If you want to try an incredible version of this recipe, dare to try our coleslaw. Don’t forget to order it with your fried chicken!

2. Accompany fried chicken with macaroni and cheese

Continuing with the accompaniments of creamy texture, we cannot omit the delicacy and softness of macaroni and cheese.

Traditionally, pasta is a perfect complement to the juicy texture of fried chicken.

American-style macaroni and cheese has all the flavor and softness of cheese, which also goes great with other garnishes, such as coleslaw, peas or cherry tomatoes.

There are also many variations of this recipe. The most traditional one incorporates the flavor of milk, cheddar and parmesan cheeses, butter and mustard, to the starches of your choice of pasta (usually elbows).

To maintain the flavor of these ingredients, it is best to add only pepper and salt, but you can add spices to taste.

Remember that you can get the best macaroni salad in our restaurant.

3. A versatile, delicious and nutritious food: potato

Many of the most delicious side dishes for fried chicken are made with potatoes. The amazing thing about this food is that it has everything we look for in a food: adequate nutrition, easy preparation and of course, a taste that is delicious.

To accompany fried chicken, some of the most popular recipes are:

Potato salad

The American style potato salad contains two main ingredients that we all know and love: we are talking about the potato and the egg. Both ingredients are boiled in water and when cooked, they are cut into small, uniform squares.

Now, to give it that characteristic flavor that everyone loves, peppers, onions, garlic and chives are usually added. To give it creaminess and flavor, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and some mustard are added. Mix all the ingredients together and that’s it!

Mashed potatoes

Another delicious side dish for fried chicken is mashed potatoes. This recipe does not require too much effort. With few ingredients we obtain a delicious side dish, with simple ingredients and easy to prepare.

This side dish uses boiled and mashed potatoes as the only main ingredient. For those who enjoy the original flavor, just add salt and pepper. However, being such a versatile base, you can add anything from rosemary, butter or sour cream to blue cheese or bacon.

French fries

Of course, we can’t pass up the quintessential fried chicken side dish. French fries are a total hit in many dishes of American culture. Although they consist of a seemingly simple preparation, they are so delicious that everyone wants to have them on their plate.

The most common ways of preparation are cooked in oil or baked. For flavor, most restaurants use only salt, but the more intrepid add marinades or melted cheese.

4. Serve onion rings with the fried chicken

Everyone loves onion rings! They are, along with French fries, the great favorites to accompany fried chicken. Although the recipe seems simple, the truth is that they take some work to get a perfect result.

To do this, restaurants select large onions and cut them into uniform, approximately one centimeter wide rings. These are coated in a mixture that is usually composed of flour, egg, yeast, salt and breadcrumbs, which gives it a crunchy and delicious texture.

5. What is a good vegetable to eat with fried chicken?

Now, if you want to accompany your fried chicken with vegetables, the most practical and delicious options are:

  • Green beans
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Yellow corn with or without butter
  • Zucchinis with thyme
  • Pea salad
  • Corn and barley salad

The best side dishes to go with fried chicken, only at Olivia’s Chicken!

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