5 reasons to try Quebec’s best Korean fried chicken

According to the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Korean fried chicken is the most popular dish among foreigners. And this is not surprising, it is delicious, even more so than Western fried chicken. So, in this article we will tell you why you should try the best Korean fried chicken in Quebec and where to find it.

The best American fried chicken vs. the best Korean fried chicken: What’s so special about Korean fried chicken?

Before we convince you to try the best Korean fried chicken, we must explain how it really differs from the classic American recipe.

At first glance, they may seem remarkably similar. However, they have several differences. First, Korean fried chicken is usually smaller and softer than American chicken. 

Secondly, Korean fried chicken is often less fatty because it is prepared with vegetable oil. The best Korean fried chicken is prepared with olive oil.

In terms of seasonings, Korean fried chicken has sugar, a seasoning that American fried chicken does not use.  

In addition, Korean fried chicken is slow-cooked, unlike its U.S. counterpart. 

Why go to a Korean fried chicken restaurant?

We have already explained the differences between the traditional American recipe and the best Korean fried chicken recipe. Now, we tell you why you should try this delicious international dish

 1. Try the iconic sauce of the best Korean fried chicken recipe!

As with traditional fried chicken, Korean fried chicken can be eaten with a myriad of different sauces. And as more and more Korean fried chicken restaurants open in Canada, it’s easier to find sauces we’re all familiar with.

However, the best Korean fried chicken has its traditional sauce: sweet and spicy. This sauce is one of the reasons why it has become such a popular choice.

This sauce contains ketchup, soy, garlic, red pepper, brown sugar and the secret ingredient: gochujang.

Gochujang is a traditional Korean spicy paste made from red peppers, a delicacy that I assure you you do not want to miss. 

Korean fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce will look bright red and will have a slightly softer crust than the traditional one. If you’ve decided to go to a Korean chicken restaurant, we assure you that this sauce is a must-have in your order.

2. Combine the best of two worlds!

On this occasion, we would like to recommend Quebec residents to go to Olivia’s Chicken restaurant. In addition to the traditional sweet and spicy sauce, it has innovative western-inspired sauces. 

This way, you can try the best Korean chicken recipe along with gravy and a side of the best poutine in town.

These options are particularly useful if you do not yet feel ready to try the sweet and spicy sauce but still want to learn about the difference between the preparation of traditional Korean chicken and American chicken. 

3. The best Korean fried chicken is healthier than American fried chicken.

You may have been able to figure it out by reading the differences in preparation between one recipe and the other, but, in case you did not know, Korean fried chicken is healthier.

This is because most of the fat is removed in the cooking process: usually Korean chicken is double-fried chicken. Thus, after the first cooking, the excess oil is removed and the chicken is left to dry, which significantly reduces the level of fat

Not only this, but most Korean chicken restaurants prefer to focus on seasoning their sauces and not the chicken, so if you order the chicken without sauce, we assure you that it will be quite healthy.

On the other hand, most of them use olive oil, instead of butter and other more harmful oils. So, if you want to indulge yourself without feeling guilty, this is an excellent option.

4. They are not as spicy as you think!

Many people are reluctant to try Korean fried chicken for fear of it being overly spicy. And while it is true that Korean cuisine is known for being spicy, its spicy sweet sauce is just that: sweet.

So, if you don’t enjoy spicy food, you can still try the traditional sauce. Even better, if you go to a place like Olivia’s chicken you can select a milder and equally iconic Korean sauce like garlic soy sauce or something a little more western like cheese dip.

5. Contains a part of history

Undeniably, food is an integral part of all cultures. In the case of Korean fried chicken, it has its origins in the Korean War. The recipe is a Korean appropriation of the American classic. 

When the U.S. military arrived in Korea, they brought with them a love of fried chicken. However, Koreans preferred a chicken that was a little milder, less greasy and included their traditional ingredients, and the iconic Korean chicken was born. 

In this way, by eating Korean chicken you are not only tasting a new recipe but a piece of history.

With all of the above in mind, we invite you to try the best Korean fried chicken in Quebec at Olivia’s Chicken Korean chicken restaurant. If you want to know more about this traditional dish, you can read this article from KBS (Korean Broadcasting System).