Fried chicken restaurants in Quebec: Get to know our locations!

According to the renowned newspaper, the Toronto Sun, fried chicken is one of the most popular fast foods as well as being characterized for being comforting. And we couldn’t agree more, so here we want to tell you about our fried chicken restaurants and our iconic recipe inspired by the best Korean chicken.

1. Montreal

Among all our fried chicken restaurants, this was the first. Located at 6563 Somerled, Paul Diaconescu met Eunjung Ko at his first chicken restaurant: K’bob. From this meeting, Olivia’s Chicken and its unique fried chicken recipe was born. 

Among all the chicken restaurants in the Quebec area, Olivia’s Chicken is known for its recipe inspired by Korean fried chicken. In this sense, it contains less fat and maintains the delicious coating that we all love in fried chicken. 

No wonder Eunjung chose Montreal to establish the first Olivia’s fried chicken restaurants, as it has been recognized as the “Cultural Capital of Canada”. So, you can find multiple cultures in a single epicenter. So, this time, we invite you to try the traditional fried chicken with an Asian twist.

2. Brossard 

At 20-9380 Leduc Boulevard, you will find one of our fried chicken restaurants. Brossard, located near the St. Lawrence River, according to The Canadian Encyclopedia, is known for its surprising ethnic variety. 

Thanks to first, second and third generation migrants from various Asian and Latin American countries, at Brossard’s you can find all kinds of cuisines that have been fused with the traditional Canadian style. Thus, at Olivia’s Chicken in Brossard, you can try Korean fried chicken along with the popular sweet and spicy sauce.

The Korean sweet and spicy sauce is characterized by containing gochujang, a red bell pepper paste, and sugar, ensuring a delicious sweet and sour balance. However, you can also order French-Canadian classics such as poutine

3. Longueuil

Whether you’re coming to Longueuil for its famous international percussion festival or studying at one of the many university colleges in the area, you need to recharge your batteries with a comforting meal.

Therefore, we recommend you to visit one of our chicken restaurants. There you will find various comfort foods. From macaroni and cheese to the more traditional fried chicken: with melted cheese or ranch sauce

You can find us by searching for “fried chicken restaurants near me” or by going directly to 1463A Chambly Road

4. Fairview

Along with its beautiful natural parks, you can also find one of our fried chicken restaurants. 

In a small shopping center located at 6801 Trans-Canada Hwy, you can relax after shopping with a plate of Korean fried chicken and our refreshers. We have grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange, perfect for hydrating after walking through the beautiful nature you can find in Fairview. 

5. Boisbriand

If you’re a field hockey fan, you probably know Boisbriand. Boisbriand is not only home to the Quebec Junior Hockey League, but is also recognized for fostering a number of sports in the region.

So, if you’ve finished a hard workout, what better option than to go to one of our fried chicken restaurants for a high-protein meal. If you want an option with less fat and vegetables, we also offer fried chicken wraps or fried chicken sandwiches. 

You can find us at 3160 Av. des Grandes Tourelles in the municipality of Boisbriand.

6. Delson

Just a 6-minute drive from the Canadian Railway Museum is one of our fried chicken restaurants. So, if you have come to Delson to visit one of its most famous tourist spots, you can easily stop by and try our famous fried chicken recipe. 

Characterized by being double fried chicken, our chicken is soft with a crispy enough crust. Also, if you’re not a fan of spicy, you can try another Asian sauce: soy with garlic

In the case of Delson, we are located at 56 Rte 132, in local 105

7. Downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal is known for its skyscrapers, multiple university campuses and offices and it is there, in the heart of Montreal, amidst the busy work and student life along with the affluent tourism, that you will find one of our chicken restaurants.

The hustle and bustle of the city means we don’t always have time to cook. However, we have our loyalty card. This will allow you to have a fixed place to eat after a tiring day while you get points and incredible discounts.

To purchase the loyalty card, you just have to register on our website or request it once you are in the restaurant. We assure you that you will not regret it.

The exact address of Olivia’s Chicken in downtown Montreal is 1396 Maisonneuve Boulevard W. We are located on the street corner.

As you can see, Olivia’s Chicken has several locations around Quebec. In this sense, if you’ve been wanting to try a different fried chicken for weeks, just search for “fried chicken restaurants near me” and choose our nearest Olivia’s Chicken.