Get to know the best Korean fried chicken downtown

Korean fried chicken is the most internationally famous food according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of South Korea. So, it’s no wonder that everyone wants to try this popular recipe. Here we recommend the best Korean fried chicken downtown so you can finally know what’s so special about this recipe.

Olivia’s Chicken: Korean fried chicken downtown

In South Korea, where Eunjung Ko comes from, it is common to find Korean fried chicken and beer stalls on every street. So, when Eunjung arrived in Canada, he came up with the fantastic idea of bringing a little taste of home to Quebec. 

Thus, he opened Olivia’s Chicken, one of the best Korean fried chicken downtown restaurant. Formerly known as K’bob, it now has multiple locations and an iconic low-fat recipe. If you’d like to learn about the history of Olivia’s Chicken, you can read about it here

However, what is so special about the Korean fried chicken recipe? And how to identify a good Korean fried chicken near me?

The famous Korean fried chicken recipe

Although it is becoming increasingly popular, many people are unaware of what makes Korean fried chicken recipes so special.  

Korean fried chicken, specifically Olivia’s Chicken, is fried twice in olive oil. As in the traditional Korean fried chicken recipe, between each cooking process, excess oil and fat are removed from the chicken, making it lower in fat than American chicken.

On the other hand, double fried chicken maintains a crispy coating, a requirement of any good quality fried chicken.

Also, this Korean fried chicken downtown restaurant offers a wide range of sauces. You can choose the iconic spicy sweet sauce, also known in Korea as yangnyeom chicken.

This sauce is characterized by containing gochujang, ketchup, brown sugar, among others. Gochujang is a traditional Korean red bell pepper paste, which together with the sweetness of ketchup and brown sugar offers a delicious and different flavor.

But if you do not like spicy food, even though this sauce is not strong, you can opt for another Korean classic: garlic soy sauce. Also known as chicken ganjang, it is sweet and a little less salty than the soy sauce you may already know, making it an excellent choice if you want to avoid the spiciness.

However, if this is your first time eating Korean fried chicken, you may want something more western: Olivia’s chicken allows you to choose gravy sauces, the famous sauce from Canada which is made with the juices of the meat when it is prepared; cheese, everyone is favorite since it is melted cheese; ranch, known for its preparation with butter or sour cream and delicious herbs, among many other options.

There are many ways to eat Korean fried chicken in Quebec!

At this Korean fried chicken downtown restaurant, they do not only sell the well-known options of chicken with or without bone. Here you will find diverse ways of eating this Korean classic.

Thus, you can eat the classic recipe in the form of a sandwich or wrap to give it the twist you need. In the same way, you can eat the chicken with typical Canadian side dishes, for example, cabbage salad, poutine, or macaroni and cheese.

This is one of the reasons why we love going to Olivia’s Chicken: it has the best of both continents, perfect for all palates. 

If you are already a pro at Korean fried chicken, there are options for you too.

Whether you work, study, or just spend a lot of time downtown, you should always have the option of enjoying a delicious meal after a grueling day. If you are looking for a Korean restaurant in Quebec City, more specifically near the heart of, to eat every day, Olivia’s Chicken has a special treat.

This Korean fried chicken downtown restaurant has a loyalty card. This allows you to accumulate points and get discounts and even free products.

To do this, you only must ask for your loyalty card once you are in the restaurant or register online. With each purchase and upon presentation of your card, you will receive 5 points per dollar spent

Once you have enough points you can pay with this loyalty card and get specialties at incredible prices.

This is particularly useful if you spend a lot of time downtown and must often have lunch or dinner in the area. So, if you want to get a loyalty card, we recommend to visit Olivia’s Chicken website.

We hope this article has encouraged you to join the Korean fried chicken train and run to find Korean fried chicken near me. If you are in downtown Quebec, you know where to go: Olivia’s Chicken.